No Luck Club (Vancouver, BC; Toronto, ON)

No Luck Club is an instrumental hip–hop band put together by Vancouver’s Chan Brothers. The group utilizes sample based production, turntable music and laptop based live performances in their shows.

Promote Album ("Prosperity"), Street Promotions, Music Videos

Music Videos ("Better Times Will Come, Corporate Spy Hunter, Dosa Hut Chase, Our Story, Mais Ritmo No Carnaval, Triad Zone, Turntables On The Bayou, Prosperity Dim Mak Megamix")

Increased Media Exposure (National, Streaming Media, Hip–Hop/Funk/Electronic Genres), Increased Record Sales

David Wong, DKYW

Character Design
Layout Design
Key Animation
Flash Development

01. "Prosperity" Megamix
(Dim Mak Final) (2007)

“Turntables On The Bayou”
(Uptempo Suite)
“Dosa Hut Chase”
(Uptempo Suite)
“Mais Ritmo No Carnaval”
(Nada Suite)
“Triad Zone”
(Cinematic Suite)
“Corporate Spy Hunter”
(Cinematic Suite)
“Better Times Will Come”
(Cinematic Suite)
“Our Story”
(Introspective Suite)